A little about me...

Elizabeth Wade is a professional artist known for her captivating watercolors of classic literature and real-world locations. With a BFA in Graphic Design from Auburn University, Elizabeth's artistic journey has been a blend of creativity, storytelling, and a deep appreciation for the worlds both within and beyond the pages of books. Through her art, Elizabeth continues to capture the magic of stories and the beauty of the world around us, reminding us that every place has a story, and every story has a place. She lives in Nashville with her husband and three children.

From Elizabeth

After honing my skills in various advertising agencies and publication design firms, I took a pivotal break to be a full time mom to my three children, all born within the span of four years. While I failed at cooking and cleaning, I thrived in crafting, building and reading. We held our own little “preschool” each day which rekindled my artistic passion in the midst of so much playfulness. I quickly realized that I was okay being the crazy lady at the library filling our double stroller with books because reading stories brought wonderful conversations and stillness to our busy home. As my kids became school age, I began to explore landscapes and seascapes using acrylics, while also indulging in my personal love for watercolors, a medium I watched my grandmother and mother use for years.

My journey took a unique turn when I embarked on crafting maps inspired by my favorite books. Drawing from the memories and connections these literary worlds brought me, I meticulously created maps that transported viewers into the heart of beloved stories. It was during this process that I discovered a shared sentiment with you—a mutual love for the fictional realms and real-life locales that hold special places in our hearts. 

For You

My art serves as an invitation to you—a chance to remember, dream, and momentarily step into the shoes of your favorite characters. My hope is that with each brushstroke, I capture not only the visual beauty of these places but also the emotions and memories they evoke. Come and connect, be inspired, and explore the present with a fresh, joyful perspective.